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Discover the often forgotten essential tips that every mum-to-be needs to prepare for birth...
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  • ​5 days of information packed with tips on breastfeeding, pelvic floor, baby sleep, nutrition & birthing options
  • ​A Breastfeeding Plan & myth busters to feel confident BEFORE you go into labour
  • ​Nutrient dense meal plans to optimise your energy through labour & recovery in postpartum
  • Awesome promotions to gain support from Women's Health professionals
  • ​Giveaway prizes worth over $800 !!
Hear what others have to say about the challenge...
This is my first pregnancy so coming into it really not knowing much at all, the amount of information that’s out there and the many different opinions can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but I feel like the messages delivered this week have certainly helped me feel so much more equipped for my upcoming marathon. 
Being a first time mum, this challenge has been such an amazing forum where I can just be myself, ask the real questions that are on my mind and hear the views of expert speakers and other mums / pregnant women. My biggest learning through all of this was to not feel pressured into making a decision or feeling like I had no other option than to follow the advice of medical professionals (within reason obviously!). I feel a new sense of empowerment which I love and I feel confident about my birth plan. Thank you everyone!
Thank you so much to this group for making me stop procrastinating the preparation. I feel so much more informed now from all of these speakers and the resources you've shared. I've also loved reading people's questions they've asked and the answers being given. Overall this experience has been super helpful! Thank you!
This Challange has been so wonderful! It has impacted me greatly, I thought I was ready for labor, but everything I have watched and read in here has taught me so much and NOW I know I am mentally prepared, I still need to pack my bags 😉. I am now equipped in so many ways and my Hubby is too (he's been watching over my shoulder.) Thank you so much Growth Spectrum for organising and offering this (and for FREE!)
Meet Kristy
Founder of Growth Spectrum
Accredited Practicing Paediatric & Women's Health Dietitian
Breastfeeding Counsellor

  • Hi, I’m Kristy Manners, a passionate qualified health professional AND mum.  I love to help mothers and their children through my business Growth Spectrum. After my own experiences and complications during and after childbirth, I have realised just how little support women have during the postnatal period in nutrition, physical and mental recovery from labour, and breastfeeding support.
  • Add lack of sleep and a newborn baby to the mix and there’s a lot to cope with!
  • Unlike my experience, and that of so many women - you don’t have to figure it out alone. My ultimate goal for you, is that you get all the tools and support you need to grow your confidence and cut the "overwhelm" as a new parent. You can do it with me holding your hand each step of the way.
  • If you want to return to a healthy you after delivery....if you want to give your child the best start to life...if you want to feel empowered as a mum... I CAN HELP YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY!
  • I'm passionate about helping mum's provide the optimum nutrition for themselves & their baby. If you need support in your nutrition & breastfeeding journey, then please get in touch!

    Kristy xx
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