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Imagine feeling completely calm, in control & ready for your labour.

No stress. No overwhelm. Just confident clarity
(and a whole lot of bubbling excitement for this new chapter of your mothering adventure!)
The intensive Masterclass is designed to inform, empower and prepare you for what to expect when you don’t know what to expect from your upcoming labour.

Reality check: There’s absolutely no reason for you to feel like your labour is the Big Bad Wolf in your mothering story. 

… But I get it if you do!

It’s totally normal to feel terrified. Especially if you’re a new mother, or if you had complications during your last labour.

We all know that labour isn’t a stroll through the park.

And while you might’ve been able to study for an academic test and even rehearse your lines for a presentation in the past, it can often feel like your impending labour is totally out of your control.

It’s like a rollercoaster: You just have to strap in and hope your medical professionals know what they’re doing. *Gulp*

Except… you really don’t.

You can take back control of your labour (and life!), simply by properly preparing for your birth. 

Best of all, you don’t have to spend months or years studying everything you need to know about preparing for labour.

'Cause let’s face it: your baby will probably be four years old by the time you really learn everything you need to know.

Instead, I’ve done all of the hard work and research for you, so you can confidently prepare for your labour in just ONE DAY in the comfort of your home!

"Being a first time mum, this Masterclass has been such an amazing forum where I can just be myself, ask the real questions that are on my mind and hear the views of expert speakers and other mums / pregnant women. My biggest learning through all of this was to not feel pressured into making a decision or feeling like I had no other option than to follow the advice of medical professionals (within reason obviously!). I feel a new sense of empowerment which I love and I feel confident about my birth plan. Thank you everyone! "

Jenny, Melbourne

The Getting Ready for Labour Masterclass is perfect for:

  • The mum-to-be that’s tired of feeling like an anxious mess and wants to be educated, empowered and informed as she starts her mothering journey.
  • The pregnant mama who doesn’t currently have access to antenatal classes or support, and would love to invest just ONE day's worth of knowledge online, in feeling like they’ve got this labour thing under control.
  • Women who like to “wing it” and leave things ‘til the last minute (but know they need to approach their labour and birth a lot more purposefully and methodically!)
  • Pregnant mamas-to-be who have been procrastinating about the details of their birth but are ready to plan for a positive birth and postnatal experience.
  • Anyone (including husbands, wives and birthing partners) wanting to eliminate overwhelm and tap into a forum where they can get honest, real answers from expert women’s health educators and speakers who are mum's themselves.
Let’s equip you with everything you need
to take control of your labour
The Getting Ready for Labour Masterclass has been created by me, Kristy - an Accredited Practicing Women’s Health Dietitian, Breastfeeding Counsellor and mother just like you – and draws on the wisdom and guidance of other expert women’s health educators to support you as you prepare for labour.

For your convenience, this Masterclass will be held online, with unlimited access to the recorded videos! This means you can be educated and informed on all things labour, in the comfort of your own home at your leisure!

Don't get overwhelmed by birthing information! We've brought together the essential tips that every mum-to-be needs to prepare for birth!
We'll cover:
  • Creating your birthing plan (including the birthing options you might not have even realised you have, so we can unlock your voice and help you feel informed and empowered with your labour experience).
  • The breastfeeding myths you’ve likely heard (but that will make breastfeeding more difficult and painful than it needs to be!)
  • A complete breastfeeding plan to give you total confidence before you even go into labour.
  • How you can take care of your pelvic floor *now* to prevent possible complications during and after labour.
  • A nutrient-dense meal plan that’ll fuel your energy through labour, recovery and beyond to replenish your nutrient stores.
  • What to *really* expect when it comes to your baby’s sleep, and how you can keep both of you healthy, happy and well-rested post-birth.
"This Masterclass has been so wonderful! It has impacted me greatly, I thought I was ready for labor, but everything I have watched and read in here has taught me so much and NOW I know I am mentally prepared, I still need to pack my bags 😉.

I am now equipped in so many ways and my Hubby is too (he's been watching over my shoulder.) Thank you so much Growth Spectrum for organising and offering this."

Kate, Brisbane
You'll get:
  • An invaluable educational workbook delivered direct to your inbox with expert tips, resources and clarity-provoking prenatal and birthing information on topics related to nutrition, breastfeeding, pelvic floor, baby sleep and childbirth techniques. PLUS it will unlock some amazing discounts to other health professional programs.
  • A full day’s worth of recorded Q&As from health professionals (over 7 hours worth to be exact!), where your burning questions about childbirth and the postpartum period are answered, learning how to best prepare for your labour and motherhood journey.
… All for $49 !  Normally valued at AUD $133!

Which is pretty crazy considering you could pay AUD $150 + for a full-day antenatal workshop just for yourself (that covers less content in less detail).

So unlock your bundle and learn in the comfort of your own home (with your slippers on, a cuppa an arm’s length away and the bathroom within waddling distance) . 😉 See you inside!

No more anxious overthinking, nail-biting nerves or fretful worrying.
Let’s prepare for your empowered labour.

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