Are you ready for life after birth?

Don't navigate it alone

No one can prepare you for what’s next after your baby is born, but with the Postnatal Roadmap you’ll be supported every step of the way.
Our 6 Month Program delivers weekly guidance direct to your inbox, giving you the right advice on breastfeeding, nutrition, pelvic floor recovery and more – exactly in the week when you need it. Plus the conversation continues with Mum's just like you in our members only Facebook Group.

Developed by a team of experts, led by Kristy Manners an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Breastfeeding Counsellor, and complemented by a range of hand-picked resources to make your mothering journey easier!

What's Included?
6 Month Membership
You get 6 months access to the Postnatal Roadmap Portal
Weekly Online Support
Each week reveals education and support to prepare you for what's ahead
Weekly Menu Plans
7-day weekly menu plans  over 6 months to support breastmilk supply, energy and nutrition depletion, with shopping lists included!
Specialised Tools
You also gain weekly access tools to assist in recovery and overall wellbeing
Breastfeeding Course
Gain access to The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Course for FREE - valued at $197!!
Pelvic Floor Recovery
Access to Pelvic Floor Education and Exercise courses by FitRight Physio for FREE - valued at $77!!
Private Facebook Group
You get to connect with us and other mamas on the same journey with you
& Loads More Content
There's also webinars, live Q&A's, interviews, real life mama stories and more

Enrol today at an affordable price of $99!! This gives you access now, while you're pregnant, to all of our courses & resources in the Member's Hub to get you prepared for your mothering journey post birth. That's $175 in savings alone when you take the courses outside of this membership!

This will also lock in your monthly membership fee at just $39 per month. As soon as your bub is born, you can turn on the Weekly Program and start accessing our weekly support and advice such as your weekly menu plans and toolkit resources specific to your postnatal milestone. ...PLUS be part of our private Facebook group tribe to share the motherhood journey with.

Developed by Experts
I am Kristy Manners, owner of Growth Spectrum and founder of The Postnatal Roadmap. I'm a nationally accredited, university trained health professional with a tonne of global experience.

I am fueled by a passion to assist mothers in being able to breastfeed their children confidently, and comfortably, reducing anxiety and fear about this learned skill. At the same time, helping their bodies to nutritionally recover from pregnancy and breastfeeding, so that mums can be healthy, active, energised and feel WHOLE again!

I designed The Postnatal Roadmap to help more women across the world, in the comfort of their home. No need to pack up the nappy bag, carry the baby carrier or organise a time to see a health professional in between baby feeds and naps! No more overwhelm of information and not knowing what to do or where to go during each postnatal milestone. Each week I'll guide you with the information you need for that moment!

I have drawn on accredited experts in Breastfeeding, Pelvic Floor recovery, Nutrition, Sleep, PND and more to create a program that intuitively supports and guides new mums on their journey into motherhood.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

I'm more worried about childbirth, why should I worry about the postnatal period?

From experience, I know most mums are more worried about the pain and process of giving birth rather than preparing for what comes after.

My course is about supporting you through the postnatal period - breastfeeding issues, pelvic floor pain, lack of sleep, PND and more. Most mum's say they wish they had this service or known what to do once they got baby home ...but by the time they think about it and can act on it, they've already gone through the haze of the first 3 months in complete exhaustion and overwhelm.

It’s hard to find comprehensive, real and supportive information to prepare you for life after baby, from accredited health professionals, and that’s our focus in the Postnatal Roadmap.

Would I be better consulting a specialist after birth?

There are many health professionals that can help you after birth, but to be honest you’ll find yourself in survival mode and probably unable to get out of it, to seek out that help – until you are completely overwhelmed.

Having a step by step 24/7 guide, supporting you through each week, that aligns with particular milestones as you reach them, will give you the confidence you need to keep going, at half the price of seeing specialists multiple times throughout your journey!

It will also help you to identify the specific support you might need, if you do need to seek out specialists.

This membership is for you if:

  • You’re pregnant and apprehensive about the birthing process and the months following with a newborn
  • ​You want to optimally recover physically from possible post delivery wounds such as a C-section, episiotomy, tears etc
  • ​You feel isolated or alone and need support from other mum’s who are going through the same stages
  • ​You’re experiencing mastitis, engorgement, breastfeeding is painful or you’re worried that you are breastfeeding incorrectly as your baby is not putting on weight fast enough
  • ​You feel overwhelmed and struggle to nourish yourself properly with a newborn
  • ​You want to feel confident with your body again
  • ​You’re unsure how to care for your newborn and you need health professionals, who are parents themselves, to help you navigate the first 6 months postnatally
  • ​You want to feel confident as a mother in feeding your baby nutritionally for a healthy future at every stage of the first 6 months
  • ​You love amazing value included in the price - such as FREE ACCESS to video series on topics such as breastfeeding from The Thompson Method, and pelvic floor exercises and rehabilitation from FitRight Physio worth over $177!!⁠ PLUS, a FREE postnatal recovery ebook. Valued at $17!!⁠

This Membership ISN’T for you if:

  • ​Your baby is older than 6 months
  • ​You feel confident as a new parent
  • ​You’ve just delivered your baby, and you’ve NOT HAD post-delivery setbacks such as low breastmilk supply, engorgement, or hemorrhaging
  • ​You DON’T need support from a community
  • ​You are not looking for tailored advice from health professionals trained in evidence-based science and have experienced parenting as well.

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     You can help me, to make the path of motherhood, free of pain, confusion & overwhelm, for all mum's out there!

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