5 Day Getting Ready for Labour Challenge

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Next Challenge kicks off 10th August, 2020.

Let’s equip you with everything you need to take control of your labour


The Getting Ready for Labour Challenge has been created by me, Kristy – an accredited practicing paediatric, women’s health dietician, breastfeeding counsellor and mother just like you – and draws on the wisdom and guidance of other expert women’s health educators to support you as you prepare for labour.


We’ll cover:

  • Creating your birthing plan (including the birthing options you might not have even realised you have, so we can unlock your voice and help you feel informed and empowered over your labour experience).
  • The breastfeeding myths you’ve likely heard (but that will make breastfeeding more difficult and painful than it needs to be!)
  • A complete breastfeeding plan to give you total confidence before you even go into labour.
  • How you can take care of your pelvic floor *now* to prevent possible complications during and after labour.
  • The nutrient-dense meal plan that’ll fuel your energy through labour, recovery and beyond.
  • What to *really* expect when it comes to your baby’s sleep, and how you can keep both of you healthy, happy and well-rested post-birth


You’ll get:

  • A daily educational email delivered direct to your inbox with expert tips, resources and clarity-provoking prenatal and birthing information.
  • A full day’s worth of live FB Q&As for you to ask your burning questions about birthing, hear from other like-minded mothers, and learn how to best prepare for your labour.
  • The chance to win $1000 worth of prizes!


… All for just $14!


Which is pretty crazy considering you could pay $150 + for a full-day antenatal workshop (that covers the same content in less detail).


Or … you could pay $19 and learn in the comfort of your own home (with your slippers on, a cuppa arm’s length away and the bathroom within waddling distance). 😉


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