What’s the difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietitian?

Nutritionists and Dietitians are tertiary qualified professionals trained in the fields of food and nutrition. We advise people on what to eat to achieve specific lifestyle or health goals and make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients tailored to your needs. Some Dietitians will focus their studies towards specialist areas, for me that includes women’s health, pregnancy and paediatrics.


A Dietitian’s primary goal is to help people live a healthy lifestyle and combat health concerns through the power of diet and nutrition. While both Nutritionists and Dietitians provide nutrition services in community health, public health, policy, and research, Nutritionists do not have a national assessing authority to regulate and assess the qualifications of the Nutritionists. In contrast, Dietitians obtain a post-graduate degree at university and are supervised and assessed in clinical nutrition to be qualified as a Dietitian. This enables them to work in medical nutrition therapy and food service management within hospital settings.


Under strict criteria, Dietitians are eligible to join the Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) program through the national regulatory body of the Dietitians Association of Australia. Medicare, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and most private health insurers will only accept the credential of Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) for rebates to be received. To find out more about Dietitians click here.


Why do I need a Dietitian?

An Accredited Practicing Dietitian is medically trained to help with a range of symptoms. If you or your child has an allergy or intolerance, have been experiencing unusual or irregular bowel movements or feel lethargic or ill after eating certain foods, a skilled Dietitian can help you get to the bottom of this. They also provide ongoing support if you have been diagnosed with a number of conditions such as coeliac’s disease, cancer, allergies/intolerances, or diabetes and need a plan to manage this. At Growth Spectrum, we specialise in women’s health, pregnancy and paediatrics and work closely with other specialists to support you through a healthy pregnancy and journey into parenthood. You’ll often save money with a Dietitian too since you can get access to rebates but also because they are medically trained and able to get to the root of your problem without you having to see a number of different practitioners that may not be scientific or evidence based.


I’m having trouble falling pregnant, how do I choose the right practitioner for me?

For preconception to pregnancy and beyond, good nutrition is critical, both for the developing baby and mum. Choosing a specialist in this area is key to keeping healthy and to give you the best chance at conception. Look at their qualifications, experience, training and testimonials from past clients to narrow down your search. Search for an Accredited Practicing Dietitian through the Dietitian’s Association of Australia make sure they understand what you need. Nutrition & fertility is an ongoing journey and you’ll want someone you can trust by your side for the long haul through the “first 1000 days of life”.


What are your qualifications?

I’ve gained a number of qualifications & experiences in health & medical fields including:

✔️ Accredited Practicing Dietitian (Dietitians Association of Australia)

✔️ Certified Ambulance Paramedic

✔️ Trained in paediatric clinical dietetics through the Dietitians Association of Australia & Monash University

✔️ Trained in food allergies with the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy (ASCIA)

✔️ Approved SOS (sequential-oral-sensory) Feeding Therapist for picky eaters & problem feeders

✔️ Breastfeeding Counsellor – currently training to upgrade to be an Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

✔️ Masters in International Health

✔️ Post-graduate Degree in Health Science, Dietetics

✔️ Bachelor of Health Science, Nutrition & Food Science

✔️ Bachelor of Science, Double Major – Physiology/Anatomy & Human Biology


How many consultations will I need?

I like to work closely with my clients on an ongoing basis to help them achieve their goals realistically and recommend a package of a minimum of three consults. This allows us to build a strong relationship and enables me to dive deep into your personal situation and offer the best solutions. Our sessions together can be used to discuss the needs of both mother and child or focus on specific areas depending on your goals and challenges at the time. However, if you simply have one hot topic to focus on, a single consultation can also be highly beneficial for you and bub.


Do you offer home visits?

Yes, if you are located in Perth, I offer home consultations to metro areas. I can also travel further afield however transport costs may apply if you are located more than 30km from Rossmoyne, Perth. When making an enquiry please let me know where you are located and I can provide a quote to come and see you in the comfort of your own home, without the hassle of getting your child in and out of the car or worrying about when they are needing a sleep or feed.


Do you offer group consultations or training sessions?

Yes, I can do group consults with Mum’s groups on specific or general topics. And as a paramedic, I can give infant first aid training. Learn more and enquire here.


Do you offer phone or video consults?

Yes for rural, interstate or international clients I offer virtual consults through Skype or other digital mediums.


Is this service eligible for Medicare or private insurance rebates?

Medicare rebates are available, including private insurance eligibility on consultation for Australian clients.


Do you offer any special discounts?

Clients who have a valid pension card or concession card are eligible for 15% discount on services. And when buying a package of a minimum of three consults you will be entitled to a package discount. Please get in touch to enquire about prices and packages.


What payments do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Direct Debit or Cash.