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Overwhelmed with breastfeeding and nutrition advice and opinions on mother’s group forums?


Are you needing understanding, and empathy from other mum’s, on your motherhood journey?


Eager to understand why particular foods are beneficial to you and your baby for optimum nutrition and to feel good?


Looking for professional knowledge and support from an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Breastfeeding Counsellor as you enter parenthood?


You’re in the right place.

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There’s a lot to consider as a mum to newborns – whether it before the first time or you’re a second time mum who wants to make sure their next birthing and postnatal experience is so much better than the first time.


During pregnancy, you have plenty of ongoing support from midwives and doctors, but when it comes to returning home with your new bundle of joy, you face a new set of challenges, often on your own, and it feels overwhelming and confusing. I understand. I’ve been there too! This steep learning curve can no doubt be a daunting experience, which is why I have created an online community to solve your overwhelm.

My unique ‘Healthy Mum Healthy Bub’ membership is designed for mothers who are in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy and about to enter the often neglected but incredibly important postnatal period. This is a period of great change that happens from the moment your baby is born up until 3-6months postnatally. It’s a time when your baby is adjusting to life in the outside world and you’re adjusting to having this precious newborn under your care.


During this stage postnatally, you want to decrease the fears and frustrations of looking after a newborn, and to learn how to connect physically and emotionally with your baby so that you can be a confident mum. Just like me, you may also be a second time mum who didn’t get the support they needed the first time around and aspire to learning from the mistakes and feeling more empowered, prepared and confident to make this postnatal period a beautiful moment of bonding and nurturing for both the baby and the mother.

My goal for you is to grow in confidence as a mother, connect with a trustworthy community and find the support you need from an experienced and nationally accredited Dietitian and Breastfeeding Counsellor, who can answer your questions as they arise.

This membership is for you if:

  •  You’re pregnant and apprehensive about the birthing process and the months following with a newborn
  • You want to optimally recover physically from possible post delivery wounds such as a C-section, episiotomy, tears etc
  • You feel isolated or alone and need support from other mum’s who are going through the same stages
  • You’re experiencing mastitis, engorgement, breastfeeding is painful or you’re worried that you are breastfeeding incorrectly as your baby is not putting on weight fast enough
  • You feel overwhelmed and struggle to nourish yourself properly with a newborn
  • You want to feel confident with your body again
  • You’re unsure how to care for your newborn and you need health professionals, who are parents themselves, to help you navigate the first 6 months postnatally
  • You want to feel confident as a mother in feeding your baby nutritionally for a healthy future at every stage of the first 6 months

This Membership ISN’T for you if:

  • Your baby is older than 6 months
  • You feel confident as a new parent
  • You’ve just delivered your baby, and you’ve NOT HAD post-delivery setbacks such as low breastmilk supply, engorgement, or haemorrhaging
  • You DON’T need support from a community
  • You are not looking for tailored advice from health professionals trained in evidence-based science and have experienced parenting as well.

What will you gain in joining this EXCLUSIVE membership?

  •  Access to live monthly Q&A sessions with me to ask questions and get support
  • A monthly webinar training featuring professional education on hot topics as pelvic floor rehab, getting your baby to sleep, postnatal depression, babywearing, donor milk, infant developmental milestones
  • Exclusive podcast interviews with experts offering practical advice to implement at home
  • Discounted video series on topics such as breastfeeding, introduction to solids, allergies etc
  • A library of focused health and nutrition downloads including recipes and meal plans for weight loss, nutrition depletion, increasing your milk supply and allergy friendly diets
  • Step by step guides and checklists to walk you through the changing postnatal stages and milestones for you and your baby
  • Discounted packages for private coaching to members
  • Amazing discounts to passionate health professionals such as women’s health physiotherapists, postnatal fitness instructors, postnatal doulas, midwives, sleep consultants, baby and nursing products and more!

Be supported by a community of like minded mothers

How it works


Pay only $27 per month for community support, health expertise and step by step practical support.


A one time trial offer of only $1 for a period of 7 days.
Bonus #1:
Automatic access to my 7 day anti-inflammatory nutrition meal plan ebook which includes shopping lists, recipes, and postnatal recovery tips to help you recover optimally in the postnatal period


Bonus #2:
Get free lifetime access to the Facebook Community group as one of our alumni


  • Membership charged in advance.
  • After the 7 days on the $1 free trial, you will automatically be upgraded to the monthly membership and charged for the next 4 weeks
  • First month membership charged on registration
  • Membership charged each recurring month thereafter
  • No minimum membership term and cancel at any time
  • 30 day money back guarantee


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