Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding offers many benefits to mum and baby. Breast milk contains immunity-boosting antibodies and healthy enzymes that even the smartest scientists can’t mimic. But breastfeeding doesn’t always happen so naturally.

While exclusive breastfeeding is the ideal, and I will always passionately support it, I’m also a big advocate for “informed is best”. Mothers need to be educated and empowered to do what’s best for their child, and sometimes formula may need to be used in exceptional circumstances.


As the mother of an active toddler, I’ve experienced first hand the struggles mothers can face when it comes to breastfeeding. A subtle shift like the tilt of a baby’s head or the mother’s body position can make all the difference to your breastfeeding experience. Or you may need help addressing more complex issues related to latching. It’s hard to figure this out on your own.

I work with new mothers to impart evidence-based knowledge and offer professional advice when it comes to positioning, pumping, milk supply, weaning, returning to work while breastfeeding and more. I’m also experienced in helping women alleviate pain and find much needed relief when facing other more complicated situations such as latching issues, mastitis or engorgement.


Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be an isolating journey and I’m here to let you know that there is good help available. When working with me, even in a single session, you can expect tailored advice, encouragement and an increase in confidence so that you can enjoy the many advantages breastfeeding can bring to you and your baby.


I am here to help you make an informed and educated decision on what is best for your situation, while working towards exclusive breastfeeding solutions. I offer home visits in metro areas of Perth which is particularly beneficial for parents of newborn babies and young children, as well as virtual appointments both nationally and internationally through Skype.

“I can’t thank you enough for being there for us in the beginning to answer my random emails. Your support was enough of a confidence boost for me to trust my gut in doing the right thing for my boy. I’m glad that we got on top of it quickly.”