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From pre-conception to 2 years of age, you are responsible for your child’s future long-term health, including their brain development & physical growth through the nutrition you provide.
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Totally Devoted Feeding Cookies

Do you need help increasing your breast milk supply? Totally Devoted make delicious and nutritious lactation cookies for breastfeeding mums, filled with “galactagogues” such as fenugreek, oats and fennel to help you on your breastfeeding journey. Made with love in clean, green New Zealand, these cookies are free from wheat, dairy, and egg, while also being preservative and refined sugar free. They are perfect for mothers and babies who suffer from allergies or food intolerances.


“The cookies were DELICIOUS, thank you so much! They were very more-ish. Definitely, the best tasting ones I’ve tried.” – Candice


Special Offer – 5 for 4

Purchase five feeding cookies and only pay for four.

Total cost $59.80 (save $14.95)

To order or for more information please contact me.

Totally Devoted Lactation Teas

This totally delicious, nurturing and naturally sweet Lactation Tea is designed to help increase your breast milk supply. It features beautiful nurturing ingredients including loose leaf rosehip, apple, aniseed, fennel, raspberry leaves, marigold, verbena, sunflower, peppermint, marshmallow, berries and pineapple.


“I would like to get more tea. I think it’s helping with my milk supply!” – Indah


Special Offer – 5 for 4

Purchase five lactation teas (50gm) and only pay for four.

Total cost $71.80 (save $17.95)

To order or for more information please contact me.

Available for pick up/drop off in Perth, WA.

Can be shipped for a fee of $5 Australia wide

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