Baby and Toddler Nutrition

Welcoming a new little person into your life is exciting, but it also opens a whole new world of challenges that you haven’t faced before. Almost every day brings a new problem to solve or situation to navigate. It’s easy to get inundated with opinions, forums, and websites that just don’t work for you.


I personally believe that an empathetic ear and good honest conversation from a university trained and nationally accredited practitioner is the best way forward for new families. I’ve acquired vast experiences in paediatric nutrition around the world and will ensure you’re informed with the most up to date, evidence-based information available to deliver game-changing results for your baby or toddler.


I offer home visits in metro areas of Perth which is particularly beneficial for parents of newborn babies and young children, as well as virtual appointments both nationally and internationally through Skype.



It’s not uncommon for babies to experience a variety of conditions like colic, reflux, allergies, intolerances, growth faltering and more in the early stages of life. They have a lot to adjust to out of the womb, but with the right guidance and educated nutrition choices, many of these harrowing symptoms can be alleviated.


The first year of life is also when you will introduce solids into your baby’s diet. Trust that this is a gradual process and will take time to make the switch. Continuing to breastfeed while baby begins solids is beneficial in so many ways. It can be as simple as providing a calming routine or as scientific as reducing allergy symptoms over this period. I’m here to empower and educate you throughout your baby’s first 12 months.



Having a toddler brings more challenges than just bad table-manners! You may be faced with a fussy eater or a child with sensory or developmental issues such as Autism. Developing the right habits and nutritional balance in these early years will help your toddler develop good life-long eating practices. While at the same time, recognising different feeding approaches may be needed to overcome problem eating that can impact on the nutrient levels in your child.


If you’re experiencing any of these situations with your little one, know that you are not alone and don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. As a Sequential-Oral-Sensory (SOS) Feeding Therapist, with personalised guidance and tailored advice, I provide actionable solutions to help these phases pass gracefully.

“I can’t thank you enough for being there for us in the beginning to answer my random emails. Your support was enough of a confidence boost for me to trust my gut in doing the right thing for my boy. I’m glad that we got on top of it quickly.”



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I’m experienced across a wide range of newborn issues including colic, reflux, breastfeeding, allergies, intolerances, weaning, introducing solids, fussy eating, sensory issues, growth faltering and formula feeding requirements. My goal is to ensure your baby or toddler is getting the best nutrients for their relevant stage of development.


Please get in touch to talk about your specific needs.