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As women, we have incredibly flexible and unique bodies. They experience a lot as we enter different stages of our lives -pregnancy is no different. Hormones fluctuate, we may encounter illnesses unique to women, and our bodies physically transform to grow new life -that’s pretty powerful! But it also means we need to support it with the right nutrients.


However, it’s not always easy to know what you need and at what stage.


There’s a lot of information out there and it’s frankly quite overwhelming. You need to ensure your baby is growing optimally and your body is ready for the marathon ahead. Using evidence-based approaches and tailored solutions, I help women confidently support their body through nutrition at every stage of the journey, including preconception, pregnancy and postnatal.



Three months before you try to conceive is a great time to re-evaluate your diet and optimise it for success. While there are many factors impacting fertility including age, lifestyle, stress, weight, toxins, disease and more, nutrition is one of the most powerful ways to assist conception.


I work with women one on one to prepare their body for conception using a fertility-friendly diet. And while nutrition is my specialty, I also look at other elements that may impact your fertility, to offer a holistic view of your unique situation.


As a mother later in life myself, I’m particularly passionate about helping women over 30 years old to conceive, whether naturally or through the support of IVF. I have seen first hand the impact that powerful nutrient-packed foods and our environment can have in improving fertility odds and would love to share this knowledge with mums to be.



A lot of energy goes into making a baby, and new nutritional requirements set in as you progress through the 9 months of your pregnancy. Ensuring you are topping your body up with the right nutrients is one of the most beneficial ways to set your baby up for a great start in life. During this important growing stage, you may also need to supplement with extra nutrients that can’t be supplied in the quantities needed through diet alone.


Good nutrition can also boost your baby’s brain development and decrease the risks of having a low birth weight baby or having certain birth defects. It can even decrease the risks for chronic diseases later in life. And for mum, the right nutrition can reduce the risk of some pregnancy related complications like anemia, postpartum haemorrhage, preterm delivery & pre-eclampsia. I have guided many women with gestational diabetes through their pregnancy, and know first hand the power of nutrition & lifestyle approaches to control blood sugar levels – read more here

The right foods and diet can also help reduce labour complications and prepare you for postpartum healing & recovery. I’m here to help you discover the best nutritionally rich foods to set you up for a healthy, happy and positive pregnancy journey for you and your bub.



After welcoming your little one into the world, new nutritional needs set in as your body recovers from labour. You’re also adjusting to the needs of your baby and your new role as a parent. This is the important but sometimes forgotten “fourth trimester” and often the period where women need the most support. I’m passionate about supporting women through this stage, read more here.


If you are breastfeeding, your body also needs extra nutrients to recover from labour and to support a growing baby -now is not the time to fall off the nutritional bandwagon. It’s important to stock up on nutrient-dense foods and in many cases, take on more calories than you did during pregnancy. This is because producing milk can burn up to 500 calories a day, without you even doing anything.


In the first 6 weeks postpartum, wounds need to heal and inflammation to reduce. You may also start thinking about losing that extra baby weight gained after a few weeks, but traditional methods of cutting calories is not the best solution. I help women design a plan to assist healing and shift excess weight without affecting their breastmilk supply or cutting out any essential nutrients required for breastfeeding.

“There is a lot of information out there and it was very helpful to speak with Kristy and have her share her expert knowledge and experience. She helped us develop a plan that suits our situation and we have found the tips and resources all very valuable.”



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I’m experienced in helping women with a variety of needs and conditions including: optimising fertility, gestational diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, thyroid issues, hyperemesis gravidarum, nutrient requirements during pregnancy & breastfeeding, labour preparation, labour healing and recovery, healthy weight gain and weight loss.


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