Postpartum eBook


Learn about the Fourth Trimester and how to navigate it, plus find out what you really need to know about Breastfeeding, Pelvic Floor, Mental Health, your Thyroid, and guidance on Nutrition for new mums. Our 36 page GORGEOUS eBook arms you with what you need to thrive with your newborn.

What’s Inside

  • THE FOURTH TRIMESTER:  Looking After You
    – What is the Fourth Trimester
    – Key Issues In The Fourth Trimester
  • BREASTFEEDING:  What You Really Need To Know
    – Breastfeeding & Supply Issues
    – Breastfeeding & Thyroid Function
  • NUTRITION: Eating For Your Recovery And Your Newborn
    – Nutrition For Wound Recovery
    – Postpartum Depression and Nutrients
    – Why Is Fibre So Important Postpartum
    – Weight Loss After Delivery
    – Nutrition Tips For Vegan Mums
    – Postnatal Nutrition Checklist


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