The Art to Breastfeeding

The Art to Breastfeeding

Keeping with the theme of breastfeeding this week, here is a great (albeit long) article on the art of breastfeeding. In the past many young girls grew up seeing other women breastfeeding. Nowadays, it is less common with more women bottle feeding. Antenatal classes and books often give the knowledge and theory but the best way of learning is to see it in practice and do it yourself.

Photo credit: https://www.breastfeedingbasics.com/articles/establishing-your-milk-supply-starting-out-right


So, if you are a new and upcoming first mum, try to find some breastfeeding mums out there before the baby arrives to see how to latch on and what positions are comfortable (find a local mum’s groups, Australian Breastfeeding Association could have contacts or talk to your hospital or the Bump to see if they have more practical classes). This way, you will feel alot more prepared and empowered when he/she arrives 🙂

And most of all, if you do experience problems breastfeeding or need extra support, contact a Lactation Consultant (IBLCE).

Photo credit: http://www.guelphfertility.com/2015/08/breastfeeding-how-to-improve-your-babys-latch/


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