Boost Feeding Bikkies with Fennel & Fenugreek


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Boost Bikkies with Fennel & Fenugreek are designed for breastfeeding mums. These lactation cookies are infused with natural wholesome ingredients that can help to increase your milk supply. Fenugreek and fennel have been used for many years as a herbal remedy to promote healthy lactation, stimulate milk flow and help counteract infant colic either when consumed by the mother or directly by the infant. Increase your nutritional needs in the most delicious way! Cookies are free of wheat, dairy, egg, nut, preservatives and refined sugar.


Ingredients: Buckwheat Flour, Coconut Sugar, Oats, Linseed meal, Water, Coconut Oil, Maple Syrup, Citri-Fi, Fennel Seeds, Fennugreek Powder, Salt, Baking Powder.

1 review for Boost Feeding Bikkies with Fennel & Fenugreek

  1. Clair

    I was never convinced that a cookie could really help boost supply until I tried these ones. Not only do they taste great, but they really have helped maintain and keep up my supply!

    • Kristy Manners

      I’m so glad you liked them and that they worked for you 🙂

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