Post Natal Roadmap 6 Month Program – Subscription

$21.00 / month for 6 months

What will you gain in joining this EXCLUSIVE membership?

✅ Weekly content, specific to the postnatal milestone and issues you and your baby are in⁠
☑️ Access to live monthly Q&A sessions with me to ask questions and get support⁠
✅ Regular webinars featuring professional education on hot topics such as allergies, nutrition depletion, pelvic floor rehab, getting your baby to sleep, postnatal depression, and a lot more!⁠
☑️ Exclusive podcast interviews with experts offering practical advice to implement at home⁠
✅ FREE ACCESS to video series on topics such as breastfeeding from The Thompson Method, and pelvic floor exercises and rehabilitation from FitRight Physio worth over $177!!⁠
☑️ A library of focused health and nutrition downloads including recipes and meal plans EACH WEEK of the 6 month program, ideal for weight loss, nutrition depletion, increasing your milk supply and allergy friendly diets⁠. Worth the membership fee alone!!
✅ Step by step guides and checklists to walk you through the changing postnatal stages and milestones for you and your baby⁠
☑️ FREE postnatal recovery ebook. Valued at $17!!⁠
✅ Discounted packages for private coaching to members⁠
☑️ Amazing discounts to passionate health professionals such as women’s health physiotherapists, postnatal fitness instructors, paediatric dietitians, sleep consultants, baby and nursing products and more!⁠


How does the membership work?


There is NO locked-in payment plan or minimum membership term with the Postnatal Roadmap Program. We are pleased to offer a hassle free membership cancellation policy with access to content closing 30 days after the last payment. If you cancel in the first 30 days of signing-up, all you pay is the LOW $47 sign up fee.


Once registered, you will have access to the Member’s Hub until your baby’s birth date. You are able to pause your membership until your baby is born. When your baby is born, your weekly content and access to the private Facebook group will be activated, and you will be billed monthly.


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