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“I would like to get more tea. Where could I get more from? I think it’s helping with my milk supply!”


“They are absolutely delicious and they work! Woohoo! I noticed the extra milk supply and with 2 other toddlers to run around after it’s one worry I don’t need!

– Urzula

“The cookies were DELICIOUS, thank you so much! They were very more-ish. Definitely, the best tasting ones I’ve tried.”

– Candice

“The tea looked, smelled and tasted delicious. As did the cookies. Helped greatly in boosting my supply as my son has gone from refusing to drinking really well!”

– Kayla

“Started mine yesterday and today woke up with my clothes soaked! They work a little too well! I just ordered 3 more boxes!”

– Leah

“I really appreciate the care you’ve taken to produce products for mums and babies that have allergies like us. Your cookies are the only brand I will purchase.”

– Laura

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